Provide effective pet care

with better business management

Petsly has one task: to make it easier to take care of our four-legged friends. One click is enough to make appointments, remember each patient and keep an eye on the pulse. And that means more time for what matters most: caring for pets.

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Make appointments at the speed of light

Do you want to visit? One click and it’s done. Meetings will allow you to quickly and efficiently manage scheduled visits and arrange new ones. It is also an invaluable tool to recall the most important information about your pet whenever you need it.
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Keep your appointments under control!

Duplicate appointments? Forgetting the date? Not with Petsly! Thanks to the Calendar, all you need is a glance to see who and when will pay you a visit, and all appointments will be transparent like never before.
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Take care of everyone with special care

Each pet deserves an individual approach – that’s why Petsly helps you remember him best. The most important information, history of services, test results, and even training videos – all this will create a history of all those under your care in your base to effectively provide care.
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Achieve financial zen

The most important thing for us is the effective care of our pets, but it is impossible to avoid discussions about finances and accounting. We will help you control your bills by giving you access to them at any time. Order in finances means more time to help pets.
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